Vibhanshu (Vibs) Abhishek

Vibhanshu Abhishek is the Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Economics at the Heinz College of Carnegie Mellon University. His research focuses on the effect of emerging technologies on consumers' behavior, business strategy and market structure. He is particularly interested in multi-channel coordination and examines issues in multi-channel retail, advertising and pricing. More recently, he is exploring consumer decision-making in the health context and how emerging technologies like mobile apps and wearable devices can change consumer behavior.

Vibhanshu's research focuses on how consumers make decisions in a multi-channel context and how these decisions can be changed using marketing-mix variables like pricing, promotions or advertising. He has focused on how different forms of advertising affects consumers and how firms can optimally use new advertising channels to connect with them. He is also a well known expert on the attribution problem in advertising. In another stream of research he explores the dynamics of e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon and iTunes and their interaction with traditional retail channels. His research has been published in top-tier journals like Operations Research, Marketing Science and Management Science. He is the recipient of several best paper awards and was the runner up for the ISS Nunamaker-Chen Dissertation Award and the ISA INFORMS best paper award. His research has been cited several popular including Forbes, Fortune, Time Magazine, The Hill, Seattle Times, Knowledge@Wharton, and Delaware Online.

He works with several companies like LEGO, Adobe, FICO, IBM, Omnicom, PNC Bank, The Pirates (Go BUCS!!) and advises several hi-tech startups on strategy, marketing and analytics.

Vibhanshu received a PhD in Operations and Information Management from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. His thesis entitled "Essays on Online Advertising" was co-advised by Kartik Hosanagar and Pete Fader. He also holds a B. Tech. in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur, and a MA in Statistics from University of Pennsylvania.


Journal Publications

1. Optimal Bidding in Multi-Item Multi-Slot Sponsored Search Auctions, with K. Hosanagar, Operations Research 61(4): 855-873 (2013) [link]
2. On Aggregation Bias in Sponsored Search: Existence and Implications, with K. Hosanagar and P.S. Fader, Marketing Science 34(1):59-77 (2015) [link]
3. Reselling or Agency Selling: Channel Structures in Electronic Retail with K. Jerath and Z. J. Zhang, forthcoming, Management Science [link]

Working Papers

4. Media Exposure through the Funnel: A Model of Multi-Stage Attribution, with K. Hosanagar and P. S. Fader, (under review) [link]
5. Examining the Impact of Contextual Ambiguity on Search Advertising Keyword Performance: A Topic Model Approach, with J. Gong and B. Li, (under review) [link]
6. Effect of Piracy on Adoption of Technological Innovation in the Entertainment Industry, with R. Telang and Y. Zhang, (under review) [link]
7. Evaluating Consumer m-Health Services for User Engagement and Health Promotion, with J. Downs, R. Padman and Y. Li

Work in Progress

8. Product Line Design and Information Sharing in Online Marketplaces, with K. Jerath
9. Impact of Online Sales Tax on Consumer Search and Purchase Behavior, with J. Gong and M. D. Smith
10. Exploiting the Long Tail of Sponsored Search Keywords, with D. Choi and K. Hosanagar
11. When the Bank comes to you: Channel Adoption and Choice in an Omni-Channel Con-text, with B. Li


Digital Marketing Analytics [syllabus]

Managing Disruptive Technologies [syllabus]

Quantitative Marketing Models [syllabus]

Telecommunications Management [syllabus]

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