Innovative Advertising Companies


Today, consumers have the attention span of a pea brain. One moment they are watching Hulu and the next they are checking out their friend feed on Facebook. It is impossible for advertisers to engage with consumers in this world with attention deficit. Two company solve this problem in really cool ways – Solve Media and pixazza

Solve media replaces the weird looking Captcha (which have become almost impossible for humans to decipher) with brand messages that the users need to type in. I am not sure how they avoid the problem of  bots figuring out the relatively simple text, but the concept is pretty cool given that consumers are really engaged when they are cracking captchas and something like 280 millions of them are solved everyday. Really amazing !! A cool infographics from their website:

Pixazza implements an idea that I have had in mind for several years now and which know folks at do too. Convert every element in a picture into an ad. So you see this pic with a pretty girl wearing a lovely dress and an cute scarf, why not show ads when a user clicks on them that lets them buy these items? Again another neat idea (and not entirely because I thought about it too!! ) The cool thing is that their ad generation process is crowd-sourced and doesn’t rely on flaking image matching algorithm. Ubercoolness!!